Lufkin, Texas


Lufkin is located in central Angelina County and is the county’s fourth seat.  Established in 1882 as a railroad town, Lufkin quickly became an economic and transportation hub.  The 1986 ACHC Survey includes 852 individual properties in Lufkin (#s L-0101 through L-0000).  For additional information, please see the town’s entry in The Handbook of Texas Online.  Local repositories of Lufkin’s history include the Texas Forestry Museum, the Museum of East Texas, and the Kurth Memorial Library.

Address – Site No.

Abney Street

Adams Street

Airport Road

Allendale Street

Alton Street

Anderson Street

Angelina Street

Atkinson Road

Banks Street

Barto Street

Berry Road

Birch Street

Bob Street

Bonner Road & FM 3256

 Booker Street

Bowers Street

Bowie Street

Bremond Street

Brenda Street

Brock Street

Burke Street

Bynum Street

Cain Street

Cairo Street

Calder Square (formerly named Cotton Square)

California Street

Calvary Street

Candy Street

Carrel Road

Carver Street

Casper Street

Charlton Street

Chestnut Street

Church Street

Clark Street

Condon Street

Conn Street

Cottonbelt Street

Culverhouse Street

Davis Street

Denman Avenue

Diana Street

Dixon Street

Dozier Street

Ellis Avenue

Elm Street

Elsie Street

Everitt Street

Fair Street

First Street

Fifth Street

Ford Street

Ford Chapel Road

Forest Park Blvd.

Fourth Street

Frank Street

Freeman Street

Fuller Springs Drive

Glenn Avenue

Greer Avenue

Groesbeck Street


Harmony Hill Road

Henderson Street

Highland Cove

Highway 58

Highway 103

Highway 58

Hill Street

Hodge Street

Homer Blvd.

Hoo Hoo Avenue

Hoskins Avenue

House Avenue

Howard Avenue

Howe Street

Humason Avenue

Hylane Street

Jack Street


James Avenue

Jefferson Avenue


Jones Street

Kelty’s Street

Kerr Street

Kiln Avenue

Knight Avenue

Kurth Drive

Lake Drive

Lake Alley

Lakeview Street

Largent Street


Leach Street

Lilac Avenue

Lining Street

Lloyd Street

Locke Street

Long Avenue

Lotus Lane

Lowry Street

Lubbock Street



Madison Street


Maple Street

Mantooth Avenue




McHale Street

McMullen Street

Menefee Street

Minnie Lou


Moffett Road

Montrose Street

Moody Street

Moore Avenue

Myrna Avenue

Neches Street

Nile Street

North Avenue



Old Mill Road

Old Moffett Road

Old Union Road

O’Quinn Avenue

Paul Avenue

Payton Street

Peggy Lane

Pershing Street

Persimmon Street


Ponderosa Street

Raguet Street

Ray Street

Renfro Street

Rhodes Avenue

Ridge Street

Rowe Street

Route 3

Sayers Street

Scarbrough Street

Second Street

Setliff Street

Shady Pine Street

Shepard Avenue

Smith Street

Southend Street

Southwood Street

Spence Road

Sulser Branch

Third Street

Turner Street

Whitehouse Drive

Williams Street

Wilson Alley

Wood Avenue

York Drive

Zeagler Avenue