Zion Hill Historic Homes- 407 & 411 Richardson

The Center for Regional heritage Research is assisting John Anderson with documenting the restoration of two homes in the Zion Hill Historical District at 407 Richardson & 411 Richardson. Below is some information about the project from John Anderson. Links to photo galleries will be added as they are documented.

407 Richardson & 411 Richardson and lot on East side of Richardson Street

Zion Hill Historical District

Nacogdoches, Texas

John Anderson

Too much of that which tangibly made Nacogdoches an excellent representative of Early Texas towns has been lost. The preservation of recognizable, coherent components has become of critical importance.
— The goal of this project is the preservation/restoration of these houses as single-family residences. They are intended to be modern, efficiently-insulated, code-compliant homes adapted to current market demands for quality residents — all accomplished within the original shell of an early-20th century structure.
— These two houses, when joined by a new appearance-appropriate residence across the street, can be models to reassure potential investors in terms of “do-ability” and investment value to expand the preservation of this old neighborhood.
— The partners in this endeavor are: Owner, Nacogdoches Architectural Restoration LLC (Jay and Jaime Anderson), ANNACCO, Inc., General Contractor (John F. Anderson), and Tracy’s Custom Carpentry (Tracy Nicklas). Tonya Solis joins this project as the former owner of all three project lots and continuing owner/preserver of the adjacent house on the corner of Richardson and Bois d’Arc Streets.
— Pending approval of the planned work by both the Inspection Department and the Historic Landmarks Committee of the City, work can begin with the coming of spring — being planned for March 15, 2015. Considering the vagaries of disassembly and restoration of older, marginally-maintained wood structures, a safe projection for a completion date would be December 31, 2015.
— This neighborhood is exemplary as a coherent African-American enclave preserved in the center of Nacogdoches by virtue of its being ignored by real estate development trends between the years of its formation and current times. It remains a source of memories of happy family times within it, even as the outside environment imposed severe restrictions during its history.
— These specific houses and lot make an ideal project. They are in the center of the district, leaving others around the principal-street perimeter with less risk and more comfort for less-experienced investors. They are adjacent to the house retained by Ms. Solis, benefiting from her future preservation attempt. They are close to the Zion Hill Church (City-supported) and the Clay House (AAHP-owned), and very close to the possible replication of the Green Lantern Café/store.