Zavalla, Texas


Zavalla is located in southeastern Angelina County in the area of original Anglo settlement in the county.  Founded in 1900 as a railroad stop it quickly grew as a timber town.  The 1986 ACHC Survey includes 50 individual properties in and around Zavalla (#s Z-1140 through Z-1189).  However some of them are listed in this database in the “Other Towns” section.  Please note, most of these properties did not have specific addresses, just roads.  So they are listed by road name and then by property name if original builder is known. For more information, please visit town’s entry in The Handbook of Texas Online.


Address – Site No.

Campus Street

Camp Nancy/David Renfro House

Colwell Street

Havard House

Highway 63

Highway 69

Highway 147

Johnson Road

Lafayette Parker House

Main Street

Main and Railroad

Railroad Street

Rockwell Road

Warren Street