This is the Historic Resources Surveys portal of the Center for Regional Heritage Research at Stephen F. Austin State University.  Located in Nacogdoches, the heart of deep East Texas, we are well situated to conduct and to make available to the public previous and current historic resource surveys.  As explained by the Texas Historical Commission (THC), a historic resources survey combines documentary research with field work.  The surveys on this website include a range of listings from basic “drive-by shootings” and “windscreen surveys” to in-depth property research with annually updated photographic documentation.  Our materials complement the work of local activists, city historic preservation officers, county historical commissions, and the state-wide survey work of the THC.  Although many of the resources included in our portal are in the THC’s Historic Sites Atlas, most are not accessible to the public except in limited printed formats.

Feel free to browse our listings either by project or by individual resource categories.  Each project is listed in the upper, grey bar by location.  You may also search by architectural style, vernacular form, commercial form, log form, and overall condition in the lower, black bar.   Four additional categories, Date Range, Location, Type, and East Texas Architects, are also searchable in the drop-down lists of the Browse box.  The search box will search all entries for specific text.