Johnson Family Cemetery

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Johnson Family Cemetery 1986 Survey Information
  • Site No.: Z-1186
  • Address: South of Zavalla, Near Highway 69
  • Name: Johnson Family Cemetery
  • Date: 1875
  • Town: Zavalla, near
  • Block: W. T. Johnson Survey
  • Condition: Poor, needs to be fenced.
  • Description: A 19th and 20th century historic cemetery of approximately 0.33 acres.  There are approximately 10 graves with limestone or granite markers and another 10 marked by upended rocks.  It is located on a prominent grassy knoll with large trees near its boundaries.  The cemetery was surveyed by Dr. Gail Medford and John W. Wilkins in 1967.
  • Significance: Dr. John G. Pickering, the last surviving soldier from the Battle of San Jacinto, and his wife Elizabeth Pickering are buried here.  Dr. Pickering practiced medicine in East Texas for over 65 years.  He had a farm 7 miles north of Colmesneil, Jasper County, for many years.  During their later years, the Pickerings moved to Zavalla.  Mrs. Pickering was a member of the Johnson family.  In 1916 Dr. Pickering testified in the court of Judge L. B. Hightower, Sr., at Kountze, Texas, concerning the Battle of San Jacinto and the surrender of Mexican President Santa Anna.  He was the chief witness in the case of Jones vs. Keith, involving land titles and deeds signed in 1836, the year he came to Texas from Mississippi.