902 Old Tyler Road

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902 Old Tyler Road 2012 Survey

This is the site of the former City of Nacogdoches first waterworks which included the brick tool building and concrete holding tanks. In 1926 the city expanded the facility and added the house, garage, pumping station, and shop. The site was vacant for several years in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The current owners have been slowly rehabilitating the structures through the use of sympatheic adaptive reuse. The waters wells on the site were used until about 11 years ago (2000).

  • The garage was converted in 2005/2006
  • The house was restored in 2007; it has aluminum windows, some of the roof framing had to be replaced.
  • The former electrical power plant was stablized in 2008 with steel crossbeams
  • The tool building has a 2′ thick slab and its original steel casement windows
  • The water tanks, built in 1917, used to hold 130,000 gallons of water and are supported by a 12′ slab and concrete walls of at least a 1′ thick

For historic maps of the Nacogdoches Light and Power Company site see the Sanborn Maps in the UT Perry Castaneda Collection.

  • Sheet 9 of the 1912 Nacogdoches Map
  • Sheet 6 of the 1921 Nacogdoches Map
  • Sheet 1 of the 1922 Nacogdoches Map