Temple Eastex Engine Building

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Temple Eastex Engine Building 1986 Survey Information
  • Site No.: D-1008
  • Address: 000 Temple Eastex Plant
  • Name:  Temple Eastex Engine Building
  • Date: 1936
  • City: Diboll
  • Condition: Fair
  • Description: 3-story masonry, load bearing walls with header course, wall is pierced by railroad iron.  Built around the steam boilers; there are several arched openings, on the east facade near the 2nd floor, the openings was used to clean out ash residue from wood chips, sawdust, etc., used for fuel; the basement has four opening s on the north facade that are doors leading int o the 2 boilers, they are heavy iron and concrete doors on pivot hinges for cleaning out boilers. Also on this facade are 2 sets of gauges, 4 fans, 2 for each boiler to force external oxygen into fire boxes for a better burn. The second floor surrounding the building is constructed of boiler plate welded together.  The entire building and surrounding works were enclosed in 1971 with a sheet metal skin.  The stack, adjacent to the boil building and partially enclosed by the sheet metal, is approximately 10 stories in height and constructed of concrete, lined with bite brick.  An additional gas fired boiler was installed in 1971; currently it is the standby boiler and provides emergency power.  A new boiler was installed in 1975.  A large steam engine bolted to a 2-story concrete pad is housed inside the meal building. It was manufactured by Clyde Iron Words, Duluth, Minnesota.  A large water tower above the engine was used to water for the steam engine.  [1986 Notes:  Style/Type:  Masonry Industrial; Original Use:  Industrial; Present Use:  Industrial]
Temple Eastex Engine Building 2018 Survey Information
  • Owner: Georgia Pacific Wood Products South LLC
  • Condition:  Good
  • Description:  Conveyor showing in old picture was still used on boiler built in 1975.  The old structure was destroyed in early 1992 or 1993; a new training center built in 2003; now an empty field.