Poland/Jones Cemetery

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Poland Jones Cemetery 1986 Survey Information
  • Site No.: Z-1170
  • Address: Road northwest out of Sulphur Springs, 2.7 miles from Sulphur Springs
  • Name: Poland/Jones Cemetery
  • Date: 1879
  • Condition: Good; chain link fence surrounding the cemetery.
  • Description: Stones – marble, pink granite, concrete, hand-carved, very large cedar trees, mimosa; one grave surrounded by stones; approximately 200 graves marked by rock or headstone; some swept and mounded graves; oriented in east-west axis.
  • Significance: Historic grave sites 1879 to present; families — Poland, Jones, Stringer, Havard, Rodrigers, Pittman; Amanda Havard’s 1913 grave site with gable-roofed covering — beautiful stone carving to illustrate “In my father’s houses there are many mansions.”