Kelty's Cemetery at Ford and Brock Street

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Kelty’s Cemetery 1986 Survey Information
  • Site No.: L-0269
  • Address: Ford and Brock Street
  • Name: Kelty’s Cemetery
  • Date: 1889
  • Town: Lufkin
  • Condition: Good
  • Description: A historic 19th and 20th century cemetery associated with the Angelina County Lumber Company.  The oldest grave observed was 1889.  It is still an active cemetery, although, burials are infrequent.  The cemetery is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 acres, is fenced, and is well tended.  Some of the graves are swept and mounded.  Markers are generally marble, granite, concrete, and a few sheet metal markers, and a few native rocks.  There are pyramidal style monuments in concrete and marble, Woodman of the World stump type, pyramidal draped, and double monuments, Woodman Circle (wives of W.O.W.’s), military monuments, and Odd Fellows monuments.  There was a Woodman of the World Hall on Old Mill Road just as you entered the plant for many years.  It has been demolished.  Some of the burials have cast iron fences, or picket fences around a single grave or an entire family plot.  Others have granite or concrete curbs.  The cemetery is neatly tended, however some stones have been broken over the years.  The are three very large and old cedar, oak, and mimosa trees.  It is said that the cemetery was for those who worked at the mill or their families and that individuals picked their spot in the cemetery.  The cemetery is surrounded on two sided by fence and a railroad grade on the east side.