119 East Lufkin Avenue

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119 East Lufkin Avenue 1986 Survey Information
  • Site No.: L-0057
  • Address: 119 East Lufkin Avenue
  • Name: McClendon – Abney Hardware Company
  • Date: 1901
  • Architect/Builder:  D. A. Ballew
  • Town: Lufkin
  • Block: 9
  • Lot: 15, Account #3570-388-009-015-00.
  • Condition: Good; well preserved.
  • Description: 1-story masonry, rectangular plan; brick facade with ornamental details; two retail spaces with common wall; space on west facade is well preserved with original recessed entry, awning lights depending canvas awning; space on east is painted with aluminum and glass modern storefront and metal depending awning; west side has pressed metal ceiling and original display cases.  Built as two separate structures with identical floor plan and facade; also have different legal descriptions and ownership; therefore considered as two separate structures, rather than single.
  • Significance:  The 1904 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map (Sheet 2) shows a 2-story brick structure with a general store. The 1928 City Directory shows occupant as Perry Brothers Inc., Variety Store.  The 1937 Directory lists as McClendon-Abney Hardware Co.  On March 13, 1901, W. A. Abney et al, T. W. Largent and S. P. Cunningham gave a Mechanic Lien to D. A. Ballew for construction of a two brick storehouses, to front on Lufkin Ave, extend back 70 feet, two-story height, 70 feet deep, 25 feet wide, built upon the same plan and specifications as the brick building known as Kerr Brick Building (believed to be demolished), exceptions:  upstairs shall be one large room, doors the same addition to L. W. Wettermark Bank (demolished, was on the northeast corner of Lufkin and First); dividing wall 13″ thick downstairs, plastered; wooden partition dividing wall upstairs to be painted; to be erected as soon as practical.  Ballew was paid $3,400.00, and advanced money for material and labor, balance upon completion of the contract.  Very good example of early Lufkin retail structure and still in good condition.  Has original pressed metal ceilings and some furniture from McClendon-Abney Hardware Company.  Part of the remaining contents of the hardware store are now housed at the local museum.  Several of the members of the Abney family had other hardware stores in the city.  Nominated to the National Register.  The significance is in the areas of architecture and commerce.
119 East Lufkin Avenue 2016 Survey Information