121 East Lufkin Avenue

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121 East Lufkin Avenue  1986 Survey Information
  • Site No.: L-0100
  • Address: 121 East Lufkin Street [Avenue]
  • Name: Body Fitness Shop
  • Date: 1901
  • Architect/Builder:  D. A. Ballew
  • Town: Lufkin
  • Block: 9
  • Lot: 14, Account #3570-388-009-0400
  • Condition: Good
  • Description: 2-story masonry, rectangular plan; brick facade with ornamental details; two retail spaces with common wall; space on west facade is well-preserved with original recessed entry, awning lights depending canvas awning; space on east is painted with aluminum and glass modern storefront and metal depending awning; west side has pressed metal ceiling and original display cases. Built as two separate structures with identical floor plan and facade; also have different legal descriptions and ownership; therefore considered as two separate structures, rather than single.  Campbell Furniture Company; the 1937 directory lists Economy Store.  On March 13, 1901, W. A. Abney et al, T. W. Largent and S. P. Cunningham gave a Mechanic Lien to D. A. Ballew for construction of a two brick storehouses, to front on Lufkin Avenue, extend back 70 feet, two-story height, 70 feet deep, 25 feet wide, built upon the same plan and specifications as the brick building known as Kerr Brick Building (believed to have been demolished), exceptions:  upstairs shall be one large room, doors the same as addition to L. W. Wettermark Bank (demolished, was on the northeast corner of Lufkin and First); dividing wall 13″ thick downstairs, plastered; wooden partition dividing wall upstairs painted; to be erected as soon as practicable.  Ballew was paid $3,400.00, and advanced money for material and labor, balance upon completion of the contract.
  • Significance:  The 1904 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map (Sheet 2) shows a two-story brick structure with a general store.